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16. Therapeutics and prophylactics for coronaviruses, like Hydroxychloroquine, have been approved in WHO, CDC and NIH websites, as far back as 2005, and that studies concede that plant polyphenols inhibit Covid-19.But, suddenly in 2020 they were banned. Why? Because, according to FDA rules only when there are no alternative therapeutics can untested vaccines be cleared for Emergency Use Authorization. Introducing proven prophylactics & therapeutics to treat outpatients would have collapsed the Fear narrative and any prospects of making a killing from the mRNA jabs. Pun intended.Hydroxychlorquine was discounted as an effective treatment after The Lancet conducted a study in which hospitalized patients in advanced stages of Covid-19 were administered HCQ in high doses leading to their death. When asked to produce the study for peer review The Lancet apologetically refused, claiming such a review would disclose the identity of the participants - or maybe the fictitious participants.Now, early 2022, given they didn't know that their miracle 'vaccines' would lose their efficacy over time, is it possible they also don't have a clue of what the long term effects will be? Or do they, but don't dare tell the world that this is their depopulation scenario?Political Columnist Brian Cates summarizes it this way:"In a cynical, sinister, and literally homicidal crusade against HCQ, a team of BMGF operatives played a key role in devising and pushing through the exceptionally high dosing. They made sure that UK government “Recovery” trials on 1,000 elderly patients in over a dozen British, Welsh, Irish and Scottish hospitals, and the U.N. “Solidarity” study of 3,500 patients in 400 hospitals in 35 countries, as well as additional sites in 13 countries (the “REMAP-COVID” trial), all used those unprecedented and dangerous doses.This was a brassy enterprise to “prove” chloroquine dangerous, and sure enough, it proved that elderly patients can die from deadly overdoses. 'The purpose seemed, very clearly, to poison the patients and blame the deaths on HCQ,' says Dr. Meryl Nass, a physician, medical historian, and biowarfare expert."As of March 31, 2022 the Kansas Legislature has moved to repeal the ban of proven and readily available therapeutics, and will condemn medical practitioners with 'wanton disregard' for not administering these therapeutics. The US Senate is expected to mirror Kansas' position.Oct. 14/21. The NIH disclosed that Vitamin D3 can reduce Covid deaths to almost Zero. Why isn't this made public knowledge by the FDA, CDC, the WH or Congress? Here is the PDF.In 2020, the Canadian company, Apotex, was giving HCQ away. Even after the American Journal of Medicine approved the use of HCQ for Outpatients, HCQ was nowhere to be found in the US.Here is the story of Ivermectin. We now learn from a whistleblower nurse that Ivermectin is used to save the vaxxed who have Covid Symptoms, while the unvaxxed are put on ventilators and overdosed with Remdesevir, which causes kidney failure, and are left to die. The NIH recommends Ivermectin for cancer. Ironic.More studies prove the efficacy of Ivermectin.Dr. Stella Emmanuel has been the most vocal when it comes to therapeutics.Doctors in India and the UK speak out. Costa Rica uses HCQ extensively, while Novartis donates it to Mexico. In India doctors are prescribing Ziverdo kits that contain Ivermectin.In the US Budesonide, HCQ and Ivermectin can be prescribed. Ivectosol has recently been also approved. Reuters reported on the effectiveness of Budesonide in Feb. 2021. Here is an observational study of Ivermectin.According to this NCBI report that advocates Zinc:"Data from all countries indicate that the case fatality and morbidity rates from SARS-CoV-2 increases with age and for those with non-communicable chronic disease co-morbidities. Notably, zinc deficiency/insufficiency is prevalent in populations aged over 71 years in people with chronic diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and hospitalized patients following stroke."The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance has produced these protocols for treating can prescribe treatments.RCM offers advice on Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19).Colchicine, used to treat inflammation from gout proves effective in treating COVID-19 inflammation.Metformin also holds promise in curing Covid.A US Directory of doctors prescribing such therapeutics can be found here. This is a Global Directory.In Canada Ivermectin is not available. However, this company has contacts in India.There are also reports that the inexpensive Peroxide rubbed on the skin oxygenates the blood, kills tumors, viruses and bacteria as it filters through the skin and into the blood. Not to be swallowed under any circumstances.According to the NIH, L-Arginine administered to Covid patients orally drastically reduces their hospital stay.This association has a list of doctors and home remedies to treat Covid. Dr. Zelenko's protocols for Covid.In the same light, following the disarray in medical institutions, American Front Line Nurses are now in the forefront restoring integrity and goodwill. They are currently hiring.And to subdue the effects of a "vaccine", (PhD) Dr. Judy Mikovits provides this remedy involving Suramin with a half-life of 60 days, a 1920's drug that was hyper-administered in excessive doses to produce the reaction that would pull it off the shelves. Dr. Judy Mikovits explains the details starting at 19:37. Suramin was considered an essential medicine by the WHO at one time. More detox information from the The World Council For Health.Dr. Paul Marik highly recommends intermittent fasting to flush-out the C19 jab spike protein causing the damage in the body post-"vaccination".17. The British Medical Journal has broken rank and is citing corruption and suppression of science. The World Doctors Alliance joins the resistance. In Australia, the Covid Medical Network represents senior medical professionals going up against the establishment. The Canadian Covid Care Alliance is committed to providing top-quality and balanced evidence-based information to the Canadian public about COVID-19.Former Pfizer VP and scientific researcher, Dr. Michael Yeadon voices his disgust with the medical community.There are numerous reasons for the disaffection and disassociation, starting with the prescribing of Remdesevir to hospitalized Covid patients. Here is a concise summary of the lethality of Remdesevir by Dr. Bryan Ardis.18. Fauci and the CDC have flip-flopped on masks, contaminated surfaces, asymptomatic spread, testing, and rarely acknowledged during the plandemic that herd immunity is widely accepted by every medical association; but still recommend social distancing, at times from 6 feet to 3 feet;Fauci is on record admitting that illness produces greater immunity than vaccination. But that was at a time when vaccine makers were not looking to make a quick buck.The CDC even backpeddled on the effectiveness of the PCR test in July 2021, but the date this was to take effectwas Dec. 31/2021, after all the damage has been done and more that 70% of the population has been jabbed.Oct. 29/21. The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is now on sale. I don't normally promote or endorse books, but this is a must read.Yet again, in a furtive attempt to induce fear, on May 1/21, the CDC revised its criteria of how this airborne virus is transmitted. The latest travel guidelines prescribe testing before and after travel for the unvaccinated, and for inbound vaccinated Fauci admits PCR tests are flawed. Attorney Aaron Siri hammers the point that the CDC has zero proof that the unvaccinated are spreading the disease.Speaking of herd immunity, GAVI had it right; the WHO, on the other hand, changed the definition to suit the occasion. See below.Note especially: "Vaccines work without making us sick".In a court of law this would be regarded as 'misinformation', even 'criminal negligence'.The most startling fact that neither the CDC nor Big Pharma nor Congress highlights in another perfect example of criminal negligence is that the 'Vaxxed' can shed the toxins of the mRNA jabs via bodily fluids. Here are the details in paragraph [0182] of the mRNA Patent US20200354423A1:"Quantification
In one embodiment, the polynucleotides, primary constructs or mmRNA of the present invention may be quantified in exosomes derived from one or more bodily fluid. As used herein “bodily fluids” include peripheral blood, serum, plasma, ascites, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), sputum, saliva, bone marrow, synovial fluid, aqueous humor, amniotic fluid, cerumen, breast milk, broncheoalveolar lavage fluid, semen, prostatic fluid, cowper's fluid or pre-ejaculatory fluid, sweat, fecal matter, hair, tears, cyst fluid, pleural and peritoneal fluid, pericardial fluid, lymph, chyme, chyle, bile, interstitial fluid, menses, pus, sebum, vomit, vaginal secretions, mucosal secretion, stool water, pancreatic juice, lavage fluids from sinus cavities, bronchopulmonary aspirates, blastocyl cavity fluid, and umbilical cord blood. Alternatively, exosomes may be retrieved from an organ selected from the group consisting of lung, heart, pancreas, stomach, intestine, bladder, kidney, ovary, testis, skin, colon, breast, prostate, brain, esophagus, liver, and placenta."
Sept. 7, 2022. Scientists find antibodies from C19 infection that make booster shots unnecessary.

And, Fauci, as he is still learning about the effects of vaccines, and sounding more and more like a university sophomore, proposes that 90% of Americans need to be vaccinated in order for herd immunity to take hold, as more doctors produce sworn affidavits on the lethal jabs.Fast forward to Sept. 14, 2022, and Fauci admits the C19 jabs failed to prevent infection and transmission, but only lessened the severity of illness - technically, making them therapeutics, not vaccines.The FDA suddenly decided antibody tests are useless, for the Covid-recovered and the vaccinated.Scientific studies show that antibodies by the Covid-recovered are present in saliva, making the wearing of masks by the Covid-recovered a counterproductive measure in achieving natural herd immunity. But, don't tell that to the bought politicians.And they keep moving the goal posts. Pfizer trials warned men to stay away from pregnant women... but now the CDC is pushing pregnant women to take an experimental biological agent without a second thought. Does it care about promoting healthy habits at all?Nov. 22/21. VAERS Data Reveals 50 X More Ectopic Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than Following ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years.But it gets a lot worse. As of August 2022, thanks to the research of Naomi Wolf (a true-blue Democrat) we learn that Pfizer reclassified miscarriages as resolved adverse events, similar to a woman getting over a headache.Furthermore, we learn that 44% of pregnant women injected by the Pfizer jabs suffered miscarriages. The FDA received this report from Pfizer on April 1, 2021 and has kept silent.And Trump continues to call these death shots 95% safe and effective. Safe and effective compared to what? Maybe when compared to Cyanide.Not a word was uttered by the CDC about the long term immunity developed by the Covid-recovered. This study reveals robust pre-existing Tcell immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in the unexposed: "...our findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 reactive T-cells are likely to be present in many individuals because of prior exposure to flu and CMV viruses."Until August 11, 2022. Not to impart any kind of credibility on the CDC, but on that date it finally acknowledged the obvious:"Both prior infection and vaccination confer some protection against severe illness, and so it really makes the most sense to not differentiate with our guidance or our recommendations based on vaccination status at this time," the CDC's Dr. Massetti told reporters.She should have added that the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission, nor provide any kind of immunity. in fact, it is the jabbed that are getting and will continue to be prone to illness.Even Pfizer admits in an undercover interview that the Covid-recovered have better immunity than the vaccinated.Over 150 studies document the robust immunity of the Covid-recovered. Pfizer even admits not seeing any new Covid-19 cases from the Covid-recovered.Will it admit that 70 members of the Pfizer investment board are members of the Chinese Communist Party?In the Nov. 30/21 ruling that halted Biden's Vaccine Mandate, the Court stated:“Although CMS spent pages and pages attempting to explain the need for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines, when infection and hospitalizations rates are dropping, millions of people have already been infected, developing some form of natural immunity, and when people who have been fully vaccinated still become infected, mandatory vaccines as the only method of prevention make no sense,"Israel reports that 80% of hospitalizations are of the fully "vaccinated". As far back as October 2021, Dr. Robert Redfield (former CDC Director) reported that over 40% of deaths in Maryland are of the fully "vaccinated".

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19. The FDA stated on October 26/21:"We're never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it."In view of the incoming stats:Serious Injuries by Covid vaccine
Deaths by Jab targeting Covid
The FDA seems to be engaged not simply in clinical trials, but in genocide. As of Jan. 1/22, the Life Insurance industry began feeling the effects, with a 40% increase in YoY death numbers. And more nurses are blowing the whistle as 2022 rolls in. More frontline whislteblowers speak out here, and Wall Street is beginning to dump Pfizer & Moderna.In the first quarter of 2021 there was a 6000% increase in deaths by injections from the same period a year ago. Rocco Galatti describes the surge like an upper cut.The flawed reporting system is being challenged by the Informed Consent Action Network.The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) gave Harvard Medical School a $1 million dollar grant to track VAERS reporting at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare for 3 years and to create an automated reporting system which would revolutionize the VAERS reporting system - transforming it from “passive” to “active.”At best, 2.6% of adverse events are being reported through VAERS.In May 2021, the CDC stated that the surveillance data are merely a snapshot. Here's the article.By now it should be very clear that Fauci and the FDA are completely oblivious to the mRNA deaths and adverse events. The depopulation playbook, as you will soon read about, had many sponsors.As late as July 2022 the CDC still considers the jabs to be safe with rare incidents of adverse events, when historically the jabs have killed more people in one year than all vaccines in the previous thirty years combined.